Suffolk County Consumers Learn Tips to Decide between Appliance Repair Service or Replacement

In many cases, replacing the appliance is more cost effective than appliance repair service

Suffolk County, NY – Appliance Repair Suffolk County technician, Bob Dougherty, often goes on service calls where consumers ask him if their appliance is worth fixing. According to Suffolk County’s leading appliance repair technician, cost is among the top deciding factors.

Before the recession, many people felt comfortable replacing home appliances if the repair cost was greater than 50% of the purchase price of a new appliance. Today, Bob Dougherty has discovered that consumers will choose appliance repair even if they only save $100 or less.

Though it would be nice to have a brand new appliance with better features and sleeker looks, people hesitate to spend the money. On the other hand, newer models with energy saving features can be tempting.

Bob Dougherty is happy to help his customers make a wise decision. Fleet appliance repair technicians will not perform an expensive service without first advising the customer of their options, especially if they believe the appliance is not worth fixing.

Here are some of the key factors that determine the final decision as to appliance repair service or buying a new one:

• Looks and function of appliance
• Energy Efficiency – Energy Star Rating
• Age of the Appliance
• Cost of appliance repair service and frequency of break-down
• Emotional attachment

Bob Dougherty has learned that some people will insist on keeping their appliance even when he advises them that appliance repair service is not cost effective. They like their existing appliance which they are already familiar with, they like the color, the looks, its features and how it blends with the décor of the room.

In any case, customer satisfaction is important, so Fleet Appliance Repair will do their best to service appliances and save their customers money. Fleet Appliance Corp. has become the destination for all appliance repair needs.

Fleet Appliance Corp. has over 20 years of experience in appliance repair service and deals with all brands of home appliance repair. Fleet Appliance Corp is licensed for home appliance repair by Suffolk County Consumer affairs. Fleet Appliance Corp is also Long Island’s only Certified Appliance Repair Service Center; this rating is the highest available level of recognition for technical and managerial expertise given by the major home appliance industry. In these 20 years, they have served thousands of customers and all of them consistently happy with the appliance repair services of Fleet Appliance corp. Visit to learn more.


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