Dishwasher Repair

Suffolk County Dishwasher Repair Man Adds Maintenance Tips to Fleet Appliance Repair Website

Proper cleaning removes odor producing bacteria and debris blockage causing poor performance


Suffolk County NY – The local dishwasher repair man can fix most any unit, old or new, high-end models. He has posted some interesting information on his website about the history of dishwashers, dating back to the more primitive models back in 1850 when an American inventor named Houghton created a wooden machine with a hand-turned wheel that splashed water on dishes.

Today, dishwashers are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit in any kitchen. Some of the more popular brands include Fisher & Paykel, KitchenAid and Bosch. With custom panels the dishwasher blends nicely into the kitchen cabinetry with a clean, sleek design. One of the most common problems addressed by the dishwasher repair man is odor and debris clogs.

Bob Dougherty, owner of Fleet Appliance Repair (, has posted dishwasher maintenance tips to his site. Start by cleaning the spray arms to remove blockages where bacteria can grow. The dishwasher repair man says the best way to maintain spray arms is to remove them and run wire through each of the holes to remove obstructions. Rinse with hot water and vinegar then reinstall.

Finish the job by running the dishwasher cycle with vinegar, no dishes, run empty. The acid in the vinegar will kill germs and eliminate bacteria which can grow in standing water left inside the dishwasher. This process will also help clear drain without any adverse effects on the dishwasher.

The local dishwasher repair man can diagnose and repair most problems with dishwashers including leaking, excessive noise and failure to cycle. With over 30 years experience, flexible scheduling, wide range of services and factory trained staff, the highly qualified appliance service technicians can be relied on for quick and efficient repair.

Fleet Appliance Repair serves residents and business owners in Long Island, Suffolk County and neighboring communities in New York. Fleet Appliance Corp is the only certified appliance repair service center in Long Island. This rating indicates the highest available level of recognition for technical and managerial expertise given by the major home appliance industry. Visit to learn more.

About Fleet Appliance:
Bob Dougherty operates Fleet Appliance Corp, a member of AHASC with over 22 years in business. Their factory trained technicians provide appliance repair services on most major brands and they are licensed by Suffolk consumer Affairs. The appliance service technician will do a thorough inspection and recommend the best course of action for their customer. Fleet Appliance Repair uses only factory specified parts and fully guarantees their work.
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