Suffolk County Microwave Repair Tech with Fleet Appliance Provides Maintenance Tips

Many home services providers treat their time as money, quickly completing the job and rushing out to the next


Suffolk County NY – Time is money for home service providers, but when the Suffolk County appliance repair man is called, he is happy to invest some valuable time making sure his customers are well taken care of. Unlike many home service providers, Bob Dougherty, owner of Fleet Appliance Repair provides maintenance tips to help extend the life of home appliances.

When Bob performed a recent microwave repair job, he shared some tips with the customer to help prevent future problems, save energy and enjoy tastier food. Here are some of the tips he shared with his customer:

Read the service manual to understand the safety and maintenance instructions.

Never place substances in the microwave that can cause harm, like metal, plastics or styrofoam containers. Some plastics and Styrofoam can contain toxic chemicals that can leach into food.

Heat liquids in a container covered with a vented lid, and prevent spills by covering food when cooking.

Keep door edges clean to ensure a tight seal. Do not use abrasive materials to clean the inside of the microwave. Wipe the interior with baking soda or warm water with lemon juice. Boil water in the microwave. The steam generated will soften up dried debris allowing it to be gently wiped away.

Avoid over cooking food. Always set the timer as per instructions on the food label and from the service manual.

Many of Bob’s customers tell him they are pleased with his service and willingness to spend extra time explaining the problem and providing tips to get more from appliances. While other appliance repair technicians are in a hurry to fix it, get paid and run to the next job, Fleet Appliance Repair ( techs enjoy building positive relationships with their customers who often give him referrals.

Time is money, so the Suffolk County appliance repair man is happy to spend this valuable time with his customer to ensure their complete satisfaction and a more positive appliance repair experience. Fleet Appliance Repair techs are qualified to service most home appliances. From microwave repair to major appliance service, the technicians with Fleet can provide a quick and affordable solution to most appliance problems.

Fleet Appliance Repair provides superior customer service in Long Island, Suffolk County and neighboring communities in New York. Fleet Appliance Corp is the only certified appliance repair service center in Long Island. This rating indicates the highest available level of recognition for technical and managerial expertise given by the major home appliance industry. Visit to learn more.

About Fleet Appliance:
Bob Dougherty operates Fleet Appliance Corp, a member of AHASC with over 22 years in business. Their factory trained technicians provide appliance repair services on most major brands and they are licensed by Suffolk consumer Affairs. The appliance service technician will do a thorough inspection and recommend the best course of action for their customer. Fleet Appliance Repair uses only factory specified parts and fully guarantees their work.
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